My New Life and Hello World!

I left both of my businesses two months ago. For the past few weeks I have been traveling, spending time with family as my brother is finally back from the UK(!), and … thinking about who I am, what I am not, and what I want to become.

It has certainly been a great two years packed with small wins, failures, uncertainties and obstacles; moments when we thought we were conquering the world, moments when future looked so bleak that we almost gave up, but glad that we didn’t. I made many mistakes but also learned a lot more about myself.

Before moving on, I would want to share 2 things I most important things I learned during the past 1.5 years of my startup life.

The startup has to be your true passion.

I think this is probably the most valuable thing I have learned. Startup is probably (statistically) not a good way to make money and if making money is your only goal, it is very likely to fail. The startup path is definitely not going to be easy- when the world caves in, when there’s money concern and peer pressure, your passion is the only thing that keeps you going. Most businesses failed not because they ran out of money, but because the co-founders chose to leave.

Co-founders could wear many hats, but ultimately only two types of roles are needed (at least at the very beginning.)

As co-founders, your role should fall into (at least) one of the following categories. You are either someone who knows the tech or who knows how to develop the business. Make sure this is being discussed at the very beginning.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

I am very glad to have met each and everyone of you along this journey. If I were granted the power to unwind the clock I would definitely choose to go through this again — just so I can meet and work with you guys again. :)

Hello World!

And yes! I have finally decided to learn iOS development. The main purpose of this blog is really to keep me motivated. I have been going through some tutorials and managed to build a simple game similar to 2048. More on this later in my next blog.