What is Sola?

Lena Arkhipova

Sola is a simple and beautiful network, which creates the equal opportunities for everyone, to be a content creator with an immense audience and earn on that.

You don’t need to be a professional content creator to join, though. Sola gives you all the instruments; you just need to combine them with anything you want to say or show to the world. Literally, the whole world is your audience.

Sola doesn’t limit you to anything like followers or friends. You can’t use the social networks alone. You wouldn’t talk to the void, right? You need to have some response, or just to know someone listens to you. That could be your friends and family, people who like what you do or those, who share your interests.

But with audience appears another problem —people are different, and you’re creating content for everyone at once, whether they interested in it or not.

Let’s say you like cats and dogs. When you’re posting about dogs, your cat-lover followers do not appreciate it. The same thing happens when you post about cats. Your audience is always split.

Sola is different. Here, your audience is the whole audience of the network, and you talk to those who are most interested in any topic you offer.

When you create a card (post) here, algorithms decide who most likely will be interested in it, and spreads your card to those people. There are a lot of factors included — the type of the content, the language, your location and previous relations inside the network.

It works the same another way around — you get the content you are most likely interested in.

You can fine-tune the magic. To prioritize the users and channels you like, to mute those, who are not your type, and to turn on the notifications for those whose content you love and don’t want to miss a thing.

And you earn money.

There is a very simple system inside Sola, just like in games.

You operate with AP (action points), which you get daily based on your activity. When swiping in Sola, you only see one card at time. To get to the next card, you should express your opinion on the current one — to endorse or to skip it.

By endorsing with your AP, you support spreading of the card and the author of the card. You can do it slightly, if the card is good, but not a blast. And if it deeply touches your heart, you can push it forward with all the power that you have. Same goes for comments.

If someone endorses your card or comment, you get paid in SOL, to spend, to convert or to keep it.

Here, you can read about what is SOL and AP and how to earn and spend them in detail.

It’s not all about money though. Sola is a unique place for people who eager to learn the world from the very first hands. It’s a place where people share their stories, knowledge, something about their corners of the world — anything you can imagine.

It’s a place for free and open communication. Surprisingly, how almost 700K people from different parts of the world are easily immersing into discussions, reasonably defending their point of view, cultural experience, beliefs, or just chatting, relaxed.

It’s the world (or the internet) we all dream about,
as it was in the beginning.

The best way to understand Sola is still diving in and swipe for a while. Do it. See you in couple hours.

Lena Arkhipova

Written by

Drowning in the sea of information

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