An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

Dear Talia

Your letter came to my attention a little later, probably because I am in Europe. Regardless of what people are saying in many responses, in my opinion, anyone with a degree should be entitled to live a comfortable life without having to wonder how to get food on the table. Regardless of the field of the degree.

I am seriously wondering about the society you are living in. Where I come from, rent should never be more than 1/3 of someone’s wages. Nor should you be forced to take in roommates in order to pay for the rent as other people suggested before me.

It is a good thing that you had health insurance paid by your employer, but that should be called a human right, not a benefit. I read some of the responses to your article. Health insurance should not cost $ 600/ month. $ 600/ year would be reasonable in my world. For your information, I pay a lot less for health insurance in my country.

However, the world is changing at this end of the ocean too. I regard your letter as a wakeup call, not as a little girl whining. People should not have to take this. There should not be any working poor. However, most of the vested rights with regards to social security seem to be endangered over here too.

People say that you should not have fed the hand that feeds you. However, when you always abide by that rule, that would mean that you gave up your right of free speech.

Take care!

I hope that you get the job that you deserve soon, or rather that you get the boss who fully respects you as a dedicated worker.