L.B.H. — The revolution of NFT Collectibles 🪐🦸

🪐Welcome to Enoxia! Little Big Heroez is a collection of 7777 unique Limited Edition Heroez NFTs — unique 3D digital collectibles living on the Polygon blockchain.🪐

One of the most interesting points of this project is that each NFT has been/will be created, minted and attributed one by one by a single person with NO help of Ai.

This will be the largest handcrafted collection on the Opensea, whose release will be done through the mechanism of the Seasons.

🦸 Each HERO is 1/1 NFT, perfected and made unique in the smallest details so as to make it special. Don’t be fooled by their plump looks: they will always defend you with honor, each with their own unique skills! 🦸

I’m LL (nice to meet you all! 😃) and I’m a mechanical engineer 🏎️, a newborn 3D artist 🎨 and a gaming enthusiast 🎮, with a lot of passions.

This project was born from the idea of merging three fundamental concepts in the NFT world: collecting, gaming and fun!

Season Zero of the collection has been released on 01/01/22 on Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/littlebigheroez ☄️☄️☄️


  • Are the Heroez really unique?

Yes, of course. Each Hero has been created mixing 2D and 3D design techniques, with attention to every single detail, which will have a specific function in its context.

  • What’s about the pricing?

The launch price of each NFT of Season Zero is 0.025 ETH (fixed).

  • Will there be a game linked to the project in the future?

⚔️ Yes, a future milestone of the project is the creation of a game in which only the owners of the Heroez can face each other to conquer the throne of Enoxia! ⚔️

As described above, new NFTs will be made public from time to time during the Seasons, so be patient please 🤭

Stay tuned to the various channels that the behind-the-scenes staff and me are building, and in the meantime, for any questions, you can write on Twitter in DM to @LittleBigHeroez or through email to littlebigheroez@gmail.com 📧

🛸Thanks for your attention and we’ll be honored to have you on board🛸
✨Let’s grow this community!✨

by LBH Staff




The NFT Heroez 🦸 of Enoxia 🪐 are coming to mark a new era

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Little Big Heroez

Little Big Heroez

The NFT Heroez 🦸 of Enoxia 🪐 are coming to mark a new era

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