Letter to Mr. Pesonen

Dear Mr. Pesonen

After your sudden death my first thought when I could have a clear one was: how do I deserve to live here, how does any human have the privilege to live and spend natural resources?

Of course we need some mercy but really us humans should value the life and environment more. Be part of the nature is something worth to think and sometimes in this world of digitalization it’s easily forgotten. I’m not saying that digitalization is a bad thing, many good things and development has happened with it, but we need to make sure we will lead our actions to the goodness in future. It is a privilege to live here on earth and we should honor that every day.

I want to thank you and apologize you.

I apologize that I was not able to show my love for you as much as you deserved. But I was getting there and I think you appreciate and understood why I couldn’t show it in every way. I remember well the first night we shared the same home, I was shocked and scared. I didn’t realize first that I have to share my home now with someone. I was scared to love and to be loved. Little by little we got to know each other and you opened my heart the way no one else has done. Thank you for that. Now I’m not scared of love. You thought me to love and care. Thank you, now my heart is open.

I hope your soul found a great new place, as a cat you were wonderful. Rest in piece dear Mr. Pesonen, I will always miss you.

Sincerely, Kirsi

PS. If you can anyhow tell me where you would like your ashes, please give me a sign.

I have some pictures and videos of you, but the greatest moments I carry in my heart
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