What’s the best tool to hide your referral URL?

Affiliates and 3rd party advertisers are (and should be) fearful that an end advertiser will find their ads/referral domain and cut them out.

You can use tools like Voluum for $99/month, but even their double meta refresh doesn’t work well. If you’re sending high volume, a percentage of your URL referrals are going to get passed through to the advertiser. I’ve spent half of today looking for a solution..

Long story short, Filefizz.com works

My process: I used Google.com as my end-domain and plugged it into each masking site. Once a cloaked URL was created I pasted it into wheregoes.com to see where the trace finishes.

  • Cloaked URL leads to Google.com = Fail
  • Cloaked URL leads to masking domain = Success

Below are my findings.

#1.) Nullrefer = Fail

#2.) href.li = Fail

#3.) HideRefer = Fail

#4.) Filefizz.com = Winner

Hopefully I’ve saved people some time :)