Do something with your life.

I first started this blog, in the hopes I would meet people who would relate. But now, I feel like this blog has become a part of me, in a way I cannot describe (I only had it for like 10 days so a bit melodramatic in many ways but hey!) When I saw myself before I started blogging, I was shy and timid and always scared that people would reject me, and I have changed so much yet not at all. Confessions of an unicorn was such a great blog post for me, because I was finally telling other people about the real me, not the person I made for myself. It was also like I was telling myself who I was, and not letting the voices inside my head say that I wasn’t anything, just another human who walks the earth, and that after I’m gone no one would remember me. I remember, a priest once said to me, “always be kind to your mother because she has done more for you than you could ever give back to her.” And that’s so true! Don’t let yourself fall into feeling like you are nothing. Try hard in school and do something with your life. Make people remember you. And even if you don’t change the world, even if you just help one person because of what you do, that one person is going to remember you forever, and forever be thanking you. So like, the thing is, I like unicorns.

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