A not so cake walk….

My husband J knows that I love to celebrate birthdays. I get so excited for birthdays and for his I wanted him to feel special on his big day. I invited my then almost 3 year old niece, A, over to help me make a cake for uncle J. I knew we only had a few hours between the time I picked her up until she needed a nap so it was go time when I her up from mom and dad’s.

A had an idea that we should go to the store to get cake mix (and who am I to tell my beautiful niece no?). There was a lot of options to pick! First, she was set on making uncle J a blue velvet cake. It took a little bit to talk her out of the blue cake, but ultimately she agreed that uncle J might not want a blue cake. She said “Uncle J likes pancakes we should make this one!” and pointed to the maple flavored cake (with a picture of a pancake on the front). WORD OF ADVICE — don’t waste your time, but read on for the adventure of cake baking with my niece.

A insisted with cracking the eggs, which I was OK with. This was after all a box mix, so we needed was eggs, water and oil. After A cracked the eggs I had to get a couple of the shells out of the batter but hey, it was OK. Then, she wanted to lick the spoon “one more lick” (5 spatulas later…we were done with that line…and only because I didn’t have anymore clean spatulas for her to use). We baked the cakes and “stacked them” (because A wanted to) to make them taller.

This not only was the most difficult cake to stake and frost, but it tasted awful (imagine an old waffle with expired syrup — and then times that by two, THAT AWFUL) and kept falling apart. A was very keen on letting me know that she would take one for the team and eat the corner of the cake that fell off (how sweet of her to offer!).

The best part was the look on my husband’s face when he saw the cake we made, an equally good part was the look on his face after he tasted it (which was a cross between this is awful but also needing to maybe act like he liked it). We laughed and at the end of the day I got to do two things I love: bake for my hubby and hang out with my beautiful niece. To say the least, this was not my best birthday baking outcome but the memories were worth it.

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