Is There a God?

The first thing we need to know in order to find out if God exists is what is meant by the term God. We can, I think, satisfactorily define the term God as an all powerful being who is in complete control and created everything, including humans. Many would also add to this, that such a being would have to be good by nature. This automatically eliminates all humans from the line up as candidates for being God. I say this because all humans have done and/or will do wrong at some point in their life. But what is good and bad then? What is wrong or right? Well, the low hanging fruit would be when someone does something wrong to you, the reader. If someone were to stab you in the stomach without provocation, they have done wrong. This can also be referred to as sinning against someone. We’ll return later to the subject of the goodness as it relates to a supreme being, but for now let’s get back to the subject of this being as an all powerful creator. How can one determine if such a being with such attributes exists?

If such a being were to be all powerful, they could create the universe. If such a being created the universe, they would have to be all powerful. For all practical pusposes, the two attributes are one in the same. Humans are also excluded from the list of candidates for this reason. Simply put, they are not superheroes. They are humans and have limitations. They are not superhuman with unlimited power. So let’s take the question of our existence, then. Here’s are the possibilities that are out there:

  1. A supreme being created the universe
  2. The universe itself is a supreme being

“Wait,” you may ask, “what about evolution?” Well, for the sake of this discussion, evolution could theoretically exist with both possibility #1 or possibility #2. There are those who believe that a supreme being kicked off evolution, and there are those that believe that the universe itself kicked off evolution. For those who believe a supreme being did it, in a way the matter at hand is settled. There is a God, for them. It’s theistic evolution. For those who believe that evolution was simply an event that took place because of chemical reactions within the universe, they have made the universe itself to be God. I am proposing here that there is no such thing as atheism. Even the atheists have left the big bang up to the universe itself to decide. They don’t believe that a supreme being triggered it but they essentially believe the supreme universe triggered it.

That’s the problem with believing in atheistic evolution. It’s comfy to put a cushion between yourself and what actually triggered the big bang, but that quite naively ignores the question of how the stuff got here in the first place so that it could explode or collide. Go ahead and believe that there was a collision or a reaction that caused an explosion, if you like. But what collided? What reacted? What exploded? And how did it get here in the first place? If you say, “We don’t know.” Then, that’s a great start. If you say, “It’s always been here,” then you just crowned the universe itself as God. For you then, the universe has lived forever and can cough up a big bang whenever it sees fit. You may think I’m stretching it a bit or being ornery. But think about it, if no one being created the universe and decides when there are big bangs, then the universe itself decides. If the universe has always existed and no supreme being created it, then it is all powerful and is creator of all things within itself. Therefore, in this belief system, the universe is the supreme being. Thus, there is no such thing as atheism.

The entire debate of creationism vs. evolution is in some ways completely irrelevant to this particular discussion. That’s because we’re not trying to determine in this discussion if God created the world in 6 days. We are trying to determine if such a supreme being exists at all. For the sake of our discussion thus far, either creation or evolution could have been performed by this supreme being. But even for it to have been that this supreme being brought about evolution, there would still have to be something to evolve. This means that such a supreme being would have to have created the matter that evolved, the space it evolved in, the energy causing the evolution and lastly the existence of a thing called time. What we seem to be left with at this point then, is either a supreme being who created everything, or a supreme universe that created everything. In fact, what we have already arrived at is the answer to our original question. We have arrived at the answer that there is indeed a God. Whether you believe that God created the universe or that the universe is God, you still believe in God. You cannot truthfully say you are an atheist, because you believe in God, even if your God is the universe.

The final question in this particular discussion then, is whether God created the universe or whether the universe itself is God.

Broaden your horizon. It’s so easy to look at the things we know about, like the earth, galaxy or universe. But why stop there? What about time itself? It is infinite and exists whether universe does or not. What about other dimensions? What about that which we cannot see or detect? What about whatever is beyond the universe? What about other universes? Think of the universe as a little tiny speck of existence in an infinite playing field. It’s very arbitrary to pick the universe as God. Why not pick the galaxy? Why not pick the earth? Why not pick an atom? There is more than the universe. How can I prove this? I believe in the infinite attribute of all that exists. It’s like an infinite matryoshka. There are an infinite number of larger dolls to place the smaller ones in and an infinite number of smaller ones to be found inside the larger ones. If you think it through, this is scientifically supported. I mean, in theory we could actually continue to build bigger and bigger matryoshka dolls until they were bigger than our planet, provided we had the expertise, resources, technology, etc. for such an endeavor. Likewise, with the nano technology in existence today, we could make matryoshka dolls so tiny that they could not be seen by the naked eye. Theoretically, one could go infinitely in either direction, provided the willpower, resources, technology and scientific discoveries, etc. were available. I believe that everything in existence is like this matryoshka dolls example. Everything is infinitely large and small. If the largest thing in your mind is the universe, then you are small minded. You have picked an arbitrary thing that is largely based on human emotion, and not reason. There is so much more beyond what humans think of as the universe. Wait, isn’t that an assumption? No. Because of infinity, remember? There is always something smaller, something bigger, something parallel to what we know. It’s very small minded to believe that the universe is God. You may propose then that this is just a matter of semantics and that you worship All That Is In Existence as your God. But this way of thinking always tends to be one that limits the supreme being. In the beginning of this discussion, I defined God as an all powerful creator. When you believe in All That Is In Existence as your God, you limit your God to be sort of a standoffish being that throws everything out there and doesn’t really get personal. That’s problematic with the idea of God being all powerful. An all powerful God is everywhere. Another problem with believing in All That Is In Existence as your God, is that you are a part of that existence, therefore you are placing a crown upon yourself. You have become a part of the very being of God and therefore are God. At the beginning of this discussion, I outlined how it is impossible for humans to be God because they are not good. They have committed, will commit or are presently committing sin against their fellow humans. However, perhaps you reject the idea that God must be good. I had promised to return to that subject, so I will do so now. Anyone who is not good, is bad. Anyone who is bad, will always self destruct. Think about the powerful and successful politician who is caught in a scandal. Think about Enron. If a business is bad, it will eventually come to the surface and everything will come crashing down. How can you have an all powerful being who also self destructs? You can’t. If God is all powerful, then God is also good. Therefore, since the human is bad and the human is a part of All That Is In Existence, then All That Is In Existence cannot, in fact, be God.

Atheism may seem like the intellectual choice. But it’s actually the pseudo-intellectual choice. Logical thinking will always bring you to the existence of God. There is a God. And God is all powerful, good and created everything, even you. God is infinite in nature. God is not standoffish. God is reachable.

But now that we have established God’s existence, who is God? There are many religions. Are any of their ideas of God authentic? Are they all the same or is one in particular accurate? These questions are outside the scope of this write up, though I plan them to answer them in future write ups. But you don’t need me. If you are honest with yourself and look for God with a heart of humilty, you will find who God is. Nothing I write or do can force you to see or not see this. If you seek diligently for God, you will find God. If you believe you are God, then you will not find God. If you humble yourself and become like a little child in your thinking, you will find God.

“Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding.” -Solomon

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