How to sleep in Guglielmo Marconi Airport — Bologna (BLQ)

Back by popular demand, I decided to write my second post on “How to sleep in the airport series”! I haven’t frequented BLQ like I did with KLIA2. However, arriving 11 hours before the flight means I have plenty of time to explore this tiny airport!

The best part about BLQ is that it opens 24 hours. This is such a relief because I don’t have to sleep outside because the airport close at midnight like CIA. The bad part about BLQ is that there are not many things to entertain you. They do have Ferrari and Ducati showroom here, if you are a fan (and Emilia-Romagna being the heart of Italy’s mechanic industry). A Victoria Secret, and couple of restaurant and minimarkets, then the rest are car rentals. Another plus about BLQ is the wifi! It is free and reliable. By signing in to their network you get 6 hours of connection.

Power Socket

Charging stations​ in this airport give you juices through USB and power sockets. There are charging stations both after and before security check:

  • Level 0, next to check-in B
  • Level 1, next to Ferrari
  • Level 1, after security check, turn right after you pass the duty free shop
  • Level 1, after security check, across Ducati

Sleeping Spots

Unfortunately, BLQ sport the kind of airport bench we all hate: the one for 4 person with armrests in between. To make thing worse, there was no padding. Only cold hard metal touching your ass (indirectly because of the pants, but you get the idea). Let me present you wih the visual:

I managed to learn how to sleep in this type of bench in DEL where i gained 5 hours of sleep. I will further explain in another post (maybe). Don’t be afraid, though, because there is another spot where you can sleep easily. Let me give you the visual:

Well it is not as appealing as the one in SIN (no one can beat Changi); with power socket next to you, padded chair, and blanket provided by information center. Three of ten chairs apparently have pad, quite strange. This reclined chair will work as long as you have another fabric such as jacket or sleeping bag to work as padding and blanket. Bring something to cover your eyes, the lamp is way too bright.

If you are lucky enough to be past the security clearance, you will be welcomed by abundance of fluffy sofa (or couch?). There is not arm rest so you can just lie down, as long as you are ok with deadly stare from your fellow travelers.


There are several restaurants and coffee shop. They open as early as 4am, and one coffee shop at level 0 open 24/7. You can easily stuff yourself wih cornetto (croissant), piadina, panino, and other baked goods. Don’t forget o get your daily dose of caffein as well! As for fast food, the closest thing to fast food you can find here are Relay and Carrefour that provide microwavable meals​ for around 4–6 EUR. A vending machine is available near Check-in C.


The wifi is called “Bologna Airport Free Wifi”. It is reliable and free for 6 hours. You need to put your details (Name, country, email) but don’t worry, they won’t spam you. They won’t even send the activation code through email or sms unlike some airports.

Going to the city

Going to the city won’t cost you very much, unlike in most airports. A one way ticket to Bologna Central (Train Station) will cost you €6. You can buy the ticket from a machine near to information center at level 0. To return to BLQ from the city, just go to the Bologna Centrale and in front of the station there is a small opening where the busses stop. You will find on shelter that have a big AEROBUS signage on it. You can also buy the ticket on board.

BLQ is a decent airport, much better compared to CIA. However, don’t expect too much as it is not as big as another airports in Italy. I realize that there are still many information I hadn’t put here. If by any chance you would correct me or ask me to put more specific information, please drop me a word!