Primarily, with more money printing, the value of money gets reduced and economy gets impacted. As an example, if you have $100 and country has a total of $1000 , you own 10% of the money (you must be pretty rich :)). If Government prints additional $1000, you only own 5% of the money and that decreases the value of your money.
Blockchain 101 — only if you ‘know nothing’!

This is what we call inflation. Again, there is a mechanism that makes sure that people will survive although inflation can go pretty crazy. Why? Because economies grow. Minimum wage is adjusted periodically to battle this, and if you put saving on the bank, it will give you interest most of the time (it is not to reward you, but to merely make sure that your money will not lose value by sitting in the bank. Compare to putting your money under the mattress, where there is no mechanism to adjust the value of your money). To put this to perspective, Coca Cola used to cost a fraction to how much it cost today. But salary has grow too, during the time.

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