Mileva Einstein

Been watching GENIUS series on National Geographic channel, and Mileva turns out to be a very pitiful character, being the invisible shadow behind Albert Einstein’s success. Mileva was Albert Einstein’s first wife, who shared a common passion in science with him, but remain “invisible” forever..

Sad, because esp. in the same episode, there’s a comparable scene of Pierre & Marie Currie in which Pierre refused to be the only one get acknowledged for their invention. He even refused the Noble unless Madame Currie also get recognized, eventhough other people only saw Currie as a “good assistant” and Pierre was the main person for the radium invention, but Pierre defended her, and gave her the recognition that she deserved. 😊

Meanwhile, in the same episode, Albert is shown to be even not inserting Mileva’s name in his relativity thesis’ thankful note, eventhough Mileva was the one who kept assisting him in all his experimental works.

Both Pierre-Currie & Albert-Mileva were both couple & great partners in work, but how could one be so different from another?

Really salute for Pierre who could fight for Currie, and be selfless by not taking all the credit by himself even when he could’ve do it as they lived under a period where there was a bias for woman. He could have just took all the credit by himself and Currie would’ve also not trying to claim the credit, but he DID NOT. That’s a quality.

On contrary, in an article found on internet, later on after Mileva & Einstein got divorced (as Albert had an affair with his cousin), there even a quote on his letter to Mileva like this:

24 October 1925 (AEA 75-364). ”You made me laugh when you started threatening me with your recollections. Have you ever considered, even just for a second, that nobody would ever pay attention to your says if the man you talked about had not accomplished something important. When someone is completely insignificant, there is nothing else to say to this person but to remain modest and silent. This is what I advise you to do.”

Mileva should’ve been so upset and hurt when she read it.. 😪 Everyone has ego for his/her own success. Thinks that they are the main person who should get the credit, recognition, acknowledgment for an achievement. That’s normal. However, only GREAT PERSON can still remember & give an appropriate praisal to those who stayed & contributed to his/her achievement, and gave those people the exact recognition that they deserve.

Read more about Mileva here:

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