How To Be Healthy For Busy People

As my first ever post in Medium I would like my first topic to be something that some people may able to relate. The public is constantly being informed about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle through fitness, eat more whole foods and less processed. With this information been told to us we understand the benefits of adapting to a healthy lifestyle. But in today’s society our lives are very busy as we are trying to meet dead lines, studying, exams, work and family sometimes its hard to be healthy.

However sometimes we have to concentrate on ourselves to build a healthy relationship with our mind and body. It may seem overwhelming and there will be some road blocks along the way but taking it one day at a time and setting daily routines and habits it will become easier and you will be able to build a healthy routine and lifestyle.

  1. Go to bed early so you can wake up early

As the saying goes ‘early to bed, early to rise, makes the old man healthy and wise’. I understand that for some people its hard to go to bed early as we may have some plans one night, and thats ok. However on a normal night try to refrain from using any technology at least an hour before going to bed, and this includes your phone. The blue light transmitted from the phone, T.V or computer disrupts melatonin (hormone which regulates and promotes sleeping patterns) signals and may find it harder to sleep. It is recommended to sleep for up to 8–9 hours per night. My night time routine usually consists of reading a book, however you can also try calming or sleeping music and meditating before bed. Try to go to bed the same time every night so your body gets used to routine and allow your body to get enough sleep

2. Plan a workout routine and stick to it

I like to stick to routine whether its with studying or organising my day, routines keep me motivated, understand what I have to do and helps clear the mind. If you want to start working out or exercising I believe it is very important to set up routine, whether its walking, running, weight lifting, yoga or pilates. Firstly you have to understand your goals and write them down. Whether its to get stronger, lose weight, build confidence or get healthy. However you have to be realistic with your goals, maybe set a time frame of when you want to achieve your specific goal and work towards it. I like to set up short term, mid term and long term goals. This is specific to my running, my goal is to run a half marathon by August, so firstly I set a goal to train for a 5km, then a 10km and finally the half marathon. Setting these small goals makes it realistic and allows me to make small victories along the way. Secondly you have to figure out when you are able to work out, in the morning, lunch time, afternoon or night time. I like to print out a calendar from Word or from the internet and write down my workouts. For example 3–4x week would be running and the rest would be pilates (I really enjoy Blogilates workouts). Make sure you have at least one rest day a week. If you want to keep a fitness journal thats fine as well and you can write the time you did the workout, what you did and how you felt.

I recommend doing an exercise that you enjoy. There’s nothing worse than feeling exercise as a chore, when opposite it should be something you like doing, challenging and does not feel like working out. In our lives we do a lot for others that we never really think about doing things for ourselves. Exercise for me is something I do for myself and allows me to look after my body.

3. Plan healthy meals to make throughout the week

I really enjoy looking up new recipes to make, especially smoothies and what to cook for dinner. However by knowing what you are going to make it may make you less prone to buying unhealthy food. I usually like to get recipes from healthy recipe books, on the internet and the occasional health magazine. If your busy in the morning, either prepack ingredients for a green smoothie in a zip lock bag and put it in the freezer so you can easily put it in the blender. Alternatively make over night oats the night, which I usually do when I have to work early the next morning. Additionally make a healthy dinner and make left overs to bring to lunch or school the next day.

4. Finding a balance

Exercise and eating a healthy diet helps keep my body in balance. However I do understand with studying, work, family life and endless to do lists finding balance is hard. However through doing small things to de-stress such as reading, light exercise such as walking or yoga, colouring in books for adults, drawing and writing in a journal.