If you haven’t heard the name Danielle bregoli, you have been living under a rock for at least six months. This girl had her big break when she appeared on the Dr.Phil show to try and correct some severe behavioral problems. Now Bergoli became an internet meme when she told the audience that they were a bunch of hoes and telling them to “cash her outside how about that” Well those fifteen minutes of fame soon diminished and Bergoli found a way to keep relevant, mainly by starting twitter fights with other celebrities, Starting her own clothing line with her famous catch phrase or making her own rap song. Keeping the newfound fame is a complicated thing to do and maintain, but somehow this internet meme has managed for six months after her appearance on the Dr. Phil show. This new success has made some people argue that Daniele Bertoli is a feminist in today’s day and age. This has caused some discussion since the main person arguing for Bergoli is Part of an big internet company known as Buzzfeed.Buzzfeed is known to be a feminist company.

Recently Buzzfeed came out with an article that makes an argument that this rebellious teenager is a feminist icon of today’s generation. Scaachi Koul claims that “Bregoli was supposed to come on the show and have the wildness shamed out of her because there’s something ugly and unnatural about young white women acting out recklessly. She was supposed to learn her “lesson.” But instead, she’s even more turbulent, rejecting her “cautionary tale” status, and she doesn’t care if you don’t like it.”(koul) Now even though I hate to admit it, this is a pretty valid point Bergoli did defy expectations when she reappeared on the show and showed she was not going to get shamed by Dr.Phil or some strangers. Now to dig into this argument, I think we should state a clear definition of feminism. According to Urban Dictionary.com, a feminist is “A woman or man who claims to want to equalize the genders.”

Now that we have this precise definition of what a feminist is we can begin to see why although Koul gives a lot of valid points it still does not validate her central argument.

A lot of people mistake a feminist for a lucky woman. This seems to be what Scaachi Koul thinks a feminist is because those are the facts she uses to get her point across. Koul explains “Since then, Bregoli has done radio spots, filmed segments with moderately popular YouTube celebrities, “cold-cocked” a passenger on an airplane (which was caught by TMZ), and gotten into a physical fight outside a Florida bar (which was caught by the Daily Mail).” There is no doubt that Danielle bregoli has made quite a name for herself since her Dr.phil appearance, in fact, celebrity net worth estimates that “The “Cash Me Outside” Girl Will Be A Millionaire By The End Of This Year.” These are fantastic achievements especially if we consider the fact that bergoli is a fourteen-year-old girl.

Now I think Danielle bergoli is just a troubled girl that found herself in the middle of the spotlight. Other critics believe “Bregoli is famous for being a rebellious, violent, verbally unhinged white girl making threats in an accent. This double standard is at the heart of the “Cash Me Outside” girl phenomenon” (Zimmerman ). The double standard is that if Danielle Borgolai were black, the outcome of her behavior would be remarkably different. This is a valid point and part of the reason why Bregoli is still relevant. I mean if a girl of color did what Bregoli is doing the outcome would be entirely different.

The fact is Danielle Bergoli is a fourteen-year-old girl that got thrown into the spotlight. She found a way to stay relevant and make a living for herself at fourteen. Bergoli is also a spoiled brat that can not respect anyone other than herself. The fact is that when it comes to Danielle Bergoli the negative outweighs the positive. Unless Daniell Bergoli changes her attitude and starts to respect people and other woman she will never be a feminist icon.

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