A Good Deed

A few weeks ago I was in the line at a club and a very intoxicated girl infront of me was told she wasn’t allowed into the venue. Her friend left her outside the club while she went in to go have fun.
I was shocked. How could her friend leave her alone in such a busy area. I jumped out of the line & went up to the girl. I made sure she had plenty of water to stay hydrated & most importanly I stayed by her side so she was safe. I got so frustrated that this innocent girl was left alone by her so called friend. What if I hadn’t of stepped in..? This poor girl could barely stand up let alone make her way home.
To my surprise the girlfriend came out to check on her friend. I told her how mortified I was that she had left her alone on this busy road & that she needed to stay by her side. The intoxicated girl thanked me and hugged me as I returned to the line.
As I entered the club, the bouncers insisted I get free entry into the club as they had never seen such a kind gesture like that before.
I was shocked, My actions were instant they were not to get a free entry, they were to make sure the girl was going to be safe. I smiled as I thought to myself that I had done a pretty kind thing & it’s nice to be appriciated of such a small action.
Sometimes people in our society today don’t know how to be kind or help others, we have all become selfish & very self obsorbed. We sometimes need to take a moment in our day & notice the simple things in life that that put a smile on someone elses face or even our own.
Gee X
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