Attention, Blue Staters: We Aren’t Off the Hook When It Comes to Racism
Alyssa Oursler

Wow, what a great article well written soo true. I can only speak for myself a woman of color born and raised in SF. 
SF is not Utopia by any sense of the word racism, bigotry ,classism, homophobia and sexism are all playing out in living color right here in the city. Thank you so much for your openness to speak truth to power, that is a rarity. We want to believe that a blue state is this wonderful land, eating burritos or living in the Mission or now Chinatown(People of color are pushed out so many of whom are white to live there and have your shuttle buses pick you up, remember?). This does not make you culturally competent, respectful or sensitive, it does NOT.

I am sure this may be awkward since we (Bay Area)pretend everything is alright and it's everyone else; “No Not US it those people in the Midwest or East Coast”. We are a society that points the finger everywhere else not pointing the finger in the mirror.

Thank you!

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