Studio Little Nice Things at World Summit AI 2019

This month we were at World Summit AI. An annual summit in The Netherlands that brings together the AI community.

According to Jonathan T. Mall from Neuro Flash (the winner of the Startup Competition)

“If we better understand what drives people, we can use technology to make conscious decisions about where we want to end up, with our own heads and own believes, and hopefully AI can help us get there.”

Jos Van Dongen from Sas explains in a simple way how machine learning algorithm learns. “Adjusting the levels, modifying parameters from the algorithm for a better outcome. Simply by experimentation in a iterative process. Yes, like us Humans.”

Jaring kartela from fourkind believes that The next step of Machine Learning within 5 years will be how to augment the capabilities of the creative experts. They are already developing Creative AI applications, with the example of Whisky recipes made in Python.

Sofia Sheets from Let’s Enhance talks about how to automate image processing , turning low-res images into high-res for example.

Image treatment is a tedious task still done manually. Soon all these routine tasks will be done by algorithms. Retouchers replaced by an “AI Designer”. Yes, AI can simply improve image quality.

Surprisingly, something we notice is the under representation of Designers.

AI startups need to be better at communicating what they do, because let’s be honest, nobody is searching on Google “How to improve an image with AI”.

As Design partners of AI startups we were delighted to be surrounded by many of them.

Something that stands out In terms of visual communication from AI startups is the over used graphical representation of a brain to represent AI.

We understand the analogy with the Human Brain, but at the same time Artificial Intelligence is a different kind of intelligence, an artificial one remember, therefore a more abstract yet contemporary visual style might be more suitable and stand out more in a AI landscape full of “brains”.

Something that AI powered startups tend to do is to highlight the AI technology that serves their product/service as a selling point. But what happens when you are in a AI conference, where every startup is an AI startup?!

What happens when AI would be a no brainer for every tech startup to use. Wouldn’t you need to focus again your selling point on the value that you provide to the users?!

The general public and also some companies/organizations are still not aware of the potential of AI.

Is important to create spaces, methods and tools to facilitate the conversation around this topic, not just with tech-savvy people but also with people from other non-tech departments and external partners.

It’s important to have events like World Summit AI to bring the AI community together to discuss these important topics.

In our humble opinion we think is also important to have this conversation about AI and respective concerns/opportunities across the year, therefore we are partnering with 33a to organize AI Design Sprints.

Where you will in a team develop new AI-based products and services on concept level using the AI Design Sprint canvas and AI Card Deck.

Yes, we make the talking to strangers easy with our team building event all around AI. And if you’re asking what an AI Design Sprint is, it’s based on the Google Design Sprint and let’s you develop AI applications based on people and their needs.

It’s intense, fast, and super fun!

Want to know more? Let’s collaborate:

We research, design and develop meaningful digital products for AI startups.

Studio Little Nice Things

UX Boutique in the Heart of Amsterdam. We research, design & develop meaningful digital products for AI, Blockchain, Sustainable & Healthcare startups.

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