Chapter knowledge vs action: The Tools

Action is everything!

Knowledge is essential to Action, and knowledge can be shared. The real benefits come from putting knowledge into action. Knowledge without action is worthless or worst, it can be toxic. Mind sometimes thinks that having the knowledge is enough, and that is a big trap, forgetting to put knowledge into action is a sad misuse of the knowledge. Sometimes having or sharing the knowledge is exactly what makes us think that action is not required.

Just like the tools, they are useful when put to use.

Mind likes testing grounds in proof for evidence.

It is normal that mind wants to test and know for itself that something is true or not or useful or not, and testing weather the action is really useful or how it is useful can be one of the minds needs, specially when rationalizing everything behind the belief that something works.

Putting knowledge into action is a skill in itself and like everything it requires practice, patience and compassion.

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