the other options are ACTUALLY BETTER!!!
Little Ocean Drop
Jul 18 · 2 min read

(for 45 years)



👉🏼 Get paid the least possible

👉🏼 Don’t own their time

👉🏼 Don’t own what they create in decades of work

👉🏼 Don’t own businesses or profits

👉🏼 Follow Orders

👉🏼 Follow the intuition of another one, not their own

👉🏼 Have a top cap for earnings and personal growth

👉🏼 Someone else chooses what you are

👉🏼 Have a subjugating boss

👉🏼 Are fired anytime

👉🏼 Can get a ruined career if they piss off the wrong narcissist

👉🏼 Are always looking for a better Job

👉🏼 Are mostly broke, in debt, anxious, depressed and addicted

👉🏼 Will definitely not build the life of their dreams

👉🏼 Are Disposable Rentable Obedient Servants


Stop selecting an Industry to join, decide first if you want to be an employee or not. Employee schools trained you to do things you don’t want to do, businesses need that, but you don’t have to that, just because everyone else is not doing what they want.


What you are THE BEST IN THE WORLD at is already in you, nobody can teach it to you, but you have to practice it, the sooner you start the better, after 10 years you are going to be a TOTAL BUSINESS GENIUS at it, while employees at 10 years are still in fear of getting fired and being overworked and underpaid.


Owning Your Own Business running on Your Personal Purpose is the Only thing that can actually Give You The Life You Want.


Training as an employee will train you to be Subjugated, which is the exact opposite of what you want, just like at school and like in many homes. To Run Your Own Business you gotta train yourself to follow your own orders and not someone else’s, that is why the time spent in subjugation plays against what you really want.


Emotionally, You only care for what you only care, and that drives your whole life, so you can let that help your business or hinder your business, which is what creates huge inner conflicts in most employees, being themselves or being a classified requested servant.


Start as early as possible, you don’t need diplomas, resumes, schools or jobs to do this, quite the opposite, and understand that your biggest dark aspect of your life already contains your strangest SuperPower!


Practicing your purpose is your highest virtuous achievement, all else is a diversion.


Employee Schools can cost $150k

Your own personal Coaching, Mentoring, and Training can cost less than 10% of that and will make you 10 times the income of an employee.


Find a KEY 🗝for You here:

Little Ocean Drop

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You are naturally an AUTOMATIC MINDBLOWING GENIUS at something and that is truly the only thing that can give You THE LIFE YOU WANT 🗝

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