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Little Ocean Drop
Aug 23 · 3 min read

Instead of being a FRUSTRATED ACTIVIST that can’t do anything over what happens in the planet and is waiting for a politician to stop their self-enriching agenda to help you, the only hope you have is to do it yourself, but since you can’t save the world, what you can do is what makes you feel best, which is SAVE YOURSELF & DO SOMETHING THAT HELPS!

BUT… Don’t do activism on Facebook or on the weekends while you slave away like a servant to enrich one more corporate owner through taking home the product of your efforts. For 4 decades. See? At that point, you realize who is funding all the inflated egos with inflated pockets on the planet which is the problem. You are funding them.

People are still in the toddler age in their emotional development, because toddlers are not helped with their emotional dilemma through their first decade of life, so this happens to ALL OF US and you can see it when someone catches money or power quickly how crazy they go.

Someone other than you is profiting from what you do on the WEEKEND, and on the WEEKDAYS.

And you see what they are doing with the money, leaving people homeless and buying yachts they won’t use, just to pump their ego.

I have nothing against being rich, I love being rich, I want to be rich, but I want to be rich making others rich and not get rich by making others frustrated underpaid employees who are not doing their purpose in life but mine.

The creators of what is happening on Earth is ALL OF US and we do it by employing ourselves to build the businesses of others while being fooled with the scam word ‘Salary’, and completely ignoring completely our own personal and emotional purpose.


We enriched the people and the companies that are destroying our planet and our lives by not working in our purpose but by employing ourselves for them and consuming their crap on the screen and on the weekends, and the school system and TV are the ones sustaining this very toxic method as if it was normal, because it benefits THEM and NOT YOU.

You fulfill your life with what you do every minute, who’s intuition is deciding what you do every minute? your boss? or you? Don’t ignore your cause, there is nothing more important in life to you than your cause, you own emotional and personal cause, not with the planet, but with you and your relationships and your life, don’t ignore yourself, don’t enrich toxic egos and toxic industries, that’s why many feel depressed and anxious, are addicted to legal or illegal drugs and are not really happy with their lives.


There are no victims. It is all in you. You need nothing from the politicians or the billionaires, or from others, you need things from you, and you and only you have all the power.

If you want to know what you can do…

Andres Rozo


Little Ocean Drop

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You are naturally an AUTOMATIC MINDBLOWING GENIUS at something and that is truly the only thing that can give You THE LIFE YOU WANT 🗝

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