You Become an Employee

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You will not become “an architect”, you will become an “Employee“.
Employee = Cloned Rentable Disposable Obedient Servant.

In the industry of Architecture, there are only Business Owners and Servants of the Owner, who earn less than cost of life, if they are lucky to hold a badly paid and overworked job, only until they are fired.

If you want to be a Business Owner you don’t study architecture for 5 years, only servants/employees do that.

University teachers are romantic about theory and don't know about the real life of the employee, they can only teach you how to be a teacher, not an employee. Most employees are severely underpaid and still trying to make the best out of it to not lose the time invested and because they think they have no other option, most are in fear enslaved and frustrated. An EX-Employee like myself have no problem in sharing the truth of what is like to get to 40 and realize who did benefit from all of it, I got to 40 with absolutely nothing to my name but only Debt.

Employees don’t own what they create in 45 years of hard work + 20 of bad schooling.
Employees don’t own their own creation.
Employees don’t own a part of the business.
Employees don’t own a part of the profit.
Employees follow orders
Employees follow someone else’s intuition instead of their own

Breaking the natural human law of:
You Own The Entire Product of Your Own Efforts!

Better design does not equal more money or success for an employee, the only ⭐️Starchitect chance exists for the business owner, and most don’t make it. If you are an Employee above average (A-Player) you get it only worst, they want to shut you down:

Mid-level managers will make sure production employees don’t scale up to take their jobs and any threats will get fired unjustly.

It is nothing but a worthless rat-race that nobody wins and after decades of your hard hard efforts you are left with NOTHING.

Businesses only keep obedient servants in their payroll while they work for little money and are profitable for the Owner.

At least Slaves have an Owner that takes care of his/her servants, but Employees have to pay for their own training and Pray to get rented out only to Serve their Master, until they are fired.

I quit architecture after 20 years after understanding how terrible it was to be an employee in that industry.

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I share with You with LOVE & COURAGE 🖤 because I care.

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