The “Self” seeing the “self” by Andres Rozo, 2013

“YOU” or “I” …

“YOU are going to this…”
“YOU are going to that…”
“YOU feel like this and that”
“YOU …”
“YOU …”
“YOU …”

When “YOU” get into the car “YOU feel this or that”.
… (the sentence above is incorrect)
I know nothing about how YOU feel when getting into the car. 
Only you know that. 
Sales people use the word “YOU” to imprint on you a visualization.

What happens if we use “I” instead of “YOU” when we speak?

Using the word “YOU” is incorrect almost always, it is sales visualization language, we have been living in “the market” (the matrix) for so long that “the market’s” language is now the normal language, and it is just plain incorrect, I can only get to know ME, I will never know anything about “YOU”. Thats why worrying about what others say is ridiculous, because they can only speak their mind, sharing the content of their mind, and their mind only, about their projections, what they have inside, and they will never ever know anything about ME. Only “I” can get to know me, if “I” work really hard, on me.

When “I” speak with the word “YOU” instead of “I”, I am also avoiding MY responsibility for what “I” think, “I” feel, “I” say & “I” do.

Two of our biggest confusions on Earth are:
 1. Not knowing who we really are.
 2. Not being responsible for what we feel.

I am working on this (me) every day, knowing who I am and being responsible for what “I” think, “I” feel, “I”s ay & “I” do. 
This is tough and beautiful work.

❤ Acharya PremShakti & Keith Raniere, thanks for sharing with me.

Andres Rozo