no eres un sirviente, eres un creador

El empleo no es lo que permite trabajar, el empleo es lo que permite ser sirviente, donde te quitan la propiedad de todo el trabajo que haces en décadas de esfuerzo, el peor robo que te pueden hacer, y desafortunadamente el adoctrinamiento ha sido tan largo y pesado que hoy en día la gente ve normal o deseable ser SIRVIENTE, inconsciente del robo en el que esta participando, el robo mas grande de la historia y de tu vida.

— SIRVIENTE: quien no es dueño del trabajo que hace

— LADRON: quien se adueña del trabajo hecho por los demás

no eres una gotita, eres el oceano entero

🌑🌕 OLVIDATE de cual es tu pasion, o tu talento, o lo que te gusta, o lo que te hace feliz, o buenos empleos, buenas pagas, negocios online, inversiones, cursos, diplomas, carreras, estudios, experiencia, oportunidades, grandes marcas, hojas de vida, contactos, tests de personalidad, credenciales, horoscopos, imitar a los demas, o cualquier otra manera que aparentemente es una buena manera de hacer buen dinero por ahora.


🌑🌕 Solo hay UNA cosa que es la que mas te importa en la vida, y te importara mas que todas las demas POR…



  1. SELF SUSTAINABILITY in all aspects, as much as possible (it doesn’t hurt).
  2. PRODUCE AND COLLECT FOOD for Body & Mind, for long term life.
  3. SOLVE ENERGY AND WATER in a self-sustainable way.
  4. SOLVE TEMPERATURE in a self-sustainable way.
  5. LOCAL TRIBAL LIFE, Align Values, Assign Purpose, build Social life, Help, Love, Heal, build Interdependent Communities.
  6. MINIMIZE, and simplify life and space as much as possible, eliminate the unnecessary.
  7. TAKE CONTROL of LIFE, of what others do for you, media, food, lifestyle, work, shelter, money, belongings, emotions, healthcare, wellness, purpose, creation, ownership.
  8. AQUIRE & COLLECT TOOLS, needed for a self-sustainable life, creation…

How do we solve what is going on? or better yet…
How do we build the world we want to live in?
Here is a list of solutions, share your feedback…

employment enslaves you and takes the work you own from you, own all the work you do, create your greatest creation, become a master at what matters to you the most, begin your personal business
(more at

stop letting others own what you do

+ STOP UNNECESSARY SHOPPING don’t give to the elite your money, time, power, attention…

In 1865 Chattel Slavery got converted into Wage Slavery (employ-ment) only because it is cheaper to rent Servants than to Own them.

Rented Servants think they are free, but in reality they are free servants Unlike chattel Slaves the current wage slaves (employ-ees) are voluntary servants instead of involuntary, making them cheaper to control.

The USA is the current center stage of the most sophisticated slavery on the planet.

After 1865 Servants have to pay for their own slave training themselves, private employee school and university, and then beg to find a slavemaster.

Public School is free because the Evil…

science 👉🏼 if you don’t obey you are bad! religion 👉🏼 if you don’t obey you are bad! pharma 👉🏼 if you don’t obey you are bad! television 👉🏼 if you don’t obey you are bad! universities 👉🏼 if you don’t obey you are bad! government 👉🏼 if you don’t obey you are bad! fake authority 👉🏼 if you don’t obey you are bad! toxic parenting 👉🏼 if you don’t obey you are bad! servant renters 👉🏼 if you don’t obey you are bad! employee school 👉🏼 if you don’t obey you are bad! unconscious adults 👉🏼 if you don’t…

The intention of this post is one helping us all through awakening to Emotional Health with the Truth and its gifts

Every soul on Earth cares whether the Michelle has a pecker or not, almost as a matter of life or death.
I don’t know the truth, but if something can be destroyed by the truth it deserves to be destroyed by the truth, in this case: a false image.

The USA government is the most influential government on Earth, and the president and his family are the most influential persons in the USA government, Michelle was the first…


+ QUIT SERVITUDE begin your personal business + OWN ALL THE WORK YOU DO stop letting others own what you do + STOP SHOPPING don’t give them more money or power + TURN OFF MSM move into freedom social media + STOP BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS buy local, no amazon, no microsoft + SPEAK TRUTH never waste time in small talk + BE TRUE TO YOU VALUES and align with purposeful conscious people only + STOP ADDICTIONS AND BS stop promoting ridiculous activities with friends, like sending jokes, sending porn, sending luxuries…

wage slave training camp

school lovers,
employment lovers,
servitude lovers,
obedience lovers,

… are not only completely indoctrinated but are actually the only sponsors of the global enslavement system

the same system that takes everything the masses build and create and gives all the money and ownership to 300 little old narcissistic arrogant egocentric selfish ego minded controlling coward men, who don’t know how to love, don’t know how to help, don’t know how to provide value, but only know how to take from others, men who think they own the world because the masses chose to give in into their indoctrination by signing…

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