Becky Harding
Sep 14, 2016 · 1 min read

I like the attitude here, but I disagree with two things: networking and music.

Some people (like me) are energized and recharged when doing those things. Even the busiest, most successful people need to have hobbies and down time. Whether it’s golf, sports, news, knitting, or playing guitar — you gotta give that to yourself. Being superb at something DOES mean giving up other good things, but it also means pampering yourself with the things you love. If that’s a good meal, a soak in the tub, a trip to Bali….don’t rule it out just yet if it makes you centered. I have to do occasional socializing or I shrivel up. I need my occasional guitar or creative endeavor, or I shrivel up as well.

Otherwise, great article. Point taken. I liked it.

    Becky Harding

    Written by

    I am a paralegal. I also love “mini cooking” shows. And Canadians.

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