Assignment 4

I choose the technique called ' a single materials allow for extreme geometries. According to research the Yokohama terminal, I find three main things for the model:

  1. Single materials construct the geometries to improve the stability and no columns improve the flexibility of space.
  2. The connection between the city and buildings through the simple geometric construction.
  3. Use the flexibility of space to make a positive route for the different users。

I have done some process for the final. I just use paper for the model to satisfy the technique. The first model is like a Mobius band that show us a route in the model. The second one i use geometry to build the inner space show the flexibility and no columns increase the space. I take the idea from UTS building 11 in the third and fourth model. I try to use different way to show the space that made by the geometric construction. The last process i combined some features to build the connection between the building and outside land. But it does not show the route and connection between each levels that shown in the Yokohama terminal. In the final work, I use the different height of geometry to build three levels. The bridge between each level can be seen both of the wall and floor.


FOA — Yokohama Terminal Paper Model (1994)

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