one single person
Make people give a shit — without losing yourself
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Hey! I really like your work 👍

Your piece talks about being real, true to ourselves and our voice within. I try to do the same. 💃

It’s frightening because it’s so close, so personal, slip up and we might have said too much, gone too far, you can make both enemies and friends. For the same reasons it’s also thrilling. Intoxicating. The reason why I could never stop. I need to test those boundaries within others and myself sometimes, but other times its as a release or gathering of thoughts. Or to just ‘doodle’.

So. To wrap it up (with this virtual bow 🎀) ((yes I have an unhealthy relationship with emoticons 😷)), what I wanted to say was; thank you for the inspiring piece. It was fucking good👌 Xxx The Little Viking

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