Building design tools to speed up design explorations

Nov 9, 2018 · 2 min read

Fluid Grid — Framer X component for working with image grids

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Design is about understanding problems and opportunities and finding solutions. The right process of design is important, but equally important is the efficiency of that process. Sometimes the most efficient process requires dedicated tools.

When faced with a challenge of designing photography-centric UI for newly released Leica FOTOS app we wanted to have an easy way to prototype and test grid layouts in various viewports, without loosing the immediacy and ease of typical design tools.

We often look at several different versions of the same UI at the same time to understand what’s working well. We expect of our tools to provide an effortless way of creating variations, since it is only through iteration, comparisons and critical judgement that we can evolve our understanding of what might be the best solution.

To make our design process more efficient we’ve built Fluid Grid tool — a design component for Framer X that allows quick creation and exploration of various image grid layouts.

Creating a grid view of images is as easy as drag and drop. Updating images in the grid is also super quick.

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Scaling behaviour

Simply by resizing the view we can see how the grid looks like in different viewports.

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Exploring variations

It’s easy to adjust parameters and explore multiple options at the same time.

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These efficiency improvements allow us to focus on critical decision making instead on mockup production.

Fluid Grid is available for free in the Framer X store

Photos by Dan Rubin, from Koya Bound book

Created @izot at

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