New YouTube Channel

Hey everybody! Sorry that I haven’t been writing recently, its been a pretty busy Summer. But I’m positive that I will be writing a lot more very soon.

Just recently, I created a new YouTube channel called “Thatcraftygal15”.

Yesterday, I uploaded my first video: DIY SPRAY ON CONDITIONER!

DIY: Spray on conditioner video

I’m going to change my name on Medium to “ThatCraftyGal15”, so that my blog page is (in a way) connected to my YouTube Channel and Instagram account.

My Instagram accout is: @That_crafty_gal15

I’m planning to make YouTube videos as frequently as possible. Along with the videos I will also make a blog post about the video.

I will still post about other things (example: Random facts, health, remedies, ect.) whenever I get the chance to.

Well, that’s it for now! If you watched the video, I hope you enjoyed it.

❤- ThatCraftyGal15