Side Loading Now Available on the PS VR App

Hey, Stars — we’ve got an exciting update for you all:

Starting with the release of 1.07 of the Littlstar VR Cinema app for PlayStation VR (PS VR), support has been added for the playback of videos via an external hard drive or USB (2.0/3.0, exFAT or FAT32 format) flash drive through our player. In short: You can now side load your videos through our PS VR app.

Below are a few simple steps you can follow to make sure your videos play back correctly. Learn more here, and reach out to us at if you have any issues.

Happy side loading!

Video Types

Supported video types include 180 SBS, 180 OU/TB, 360 SBS, 360 OU/TB and 360 monoscopic. (Note: Your hard drive or USB flash drive can be inserted either before or after you launch the app, but it’s best to insert it before.)


Your hard drive or USB flash drive setup must be formatted as exFAT or FAT32. It must also contain a folder named “Littlstar” at the root (top level) directory. The name of the folder is case-insensitive — all videos need to be placed in this folder to be read by the app.

File Naming Conventions

There are specific naming conventions to which videos must adhere for the app to recognize the type of video it needs to render. By default, the Littlstar player will attempt to render a mono (non 3D) equirectangular 360 video. Therefore, it’s not necessary to explicitly add “360” to the file name.

180 Videos

If the video is filmed in 180 degrees, the file must contain the word “180.”

OverUnder/TopBottom Videos

If the video is OverUnder/TopBottom, the file name needs to contain “ou”, “tb” or “bt.”

SideBySide/LeftRight Videos

If the video is SideBySide/LeftRight, the file name needs to contain “sbs,” “lr” or “rl.”

Here are some examples of names:

  • myvideo_180.mp4
  • myvideo_180_ou.mp4
  • myvideo_180_tb.mp4
  • myvideo_180_bt.mp4
  • myvideo_180_sbs.mp4
  • myvideo_180_lr.mp4
  • myvideo_180_rl.mp4
  • myvideo.mp4
  • myvideo_ou.mp4
  • myvideo_tb.mp4
  • myvideo_bt.mp4
  • myvideo_sbs.mp4
  • myvideo_lr.mp4
  • myvideo_rl.mp4

Recommended Settings

To assure proper playback and to be able to support as many videos as possible, we recommend some basic encoding guidelines:

Video Requirements

  • H.264 High@5.1 or lower
  • Max pixel width: 2560
  • Max frame rate: 60fps
  • YUV420/NV12 color space
  • 20Mbps bit rate or lower

Audio Requirements

  • Stereo Audio only
  • AAC (Advanced Audio Coding)
  • 320Kbps bit rate or lower

Container Requirements

  • File extensions: MP4, MOV
  • No fragmented MP4
  • No DRM
  • 15 min max duration
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