Melissa Oh has an important job. She helps bring the best technology to the security practice within the Department of Homeland Security. How does the world of fast-paced innovation mix with the high stakes world of security?

A big thanks to Joanne Northey (who I went to school with) for…

Just FYI I’m now doing some writing on Substack:

You can follow along there.

27 year old tech entrepreneur, mother and Armenian tech ecosystem builder Nare Gevorgyan shares her amazing story. (Follow her on Twitter)

Nare, thanks so much for your support of the book for teenage girls who love STEM — She’s Building A Robot

She started out by photoshopping head of her…

My goal is to share the story of a woman in STEM from every country in the world.

I’ve loved learning so much from so many inspirational women from around the world, but one of the big, audacious goals of She’s Building a Robot is that it should appeal to…

Charlotte shares what she loves about building robots.

On this website, you can hear lots of inspirational stories of real-life women in tech to complement the fictional, but also hopefully inspirational, story of the young women in She’s Building A Robot.

But there is also the wonderful combo of these…

Buckle up — this one is an electrifying, inspirational, tear-jerker. Well, it was for me, but I cry during emotional ads.

This time I got to chat with Michelle Dickinson from Nano Girl Labs. Here some insights into her wonderfully techy life and you can watch the video interview below.

Yet another inspiring interview with an amazing women in STEM — Tara Crowley.

  • She’s also working on some Covid-19 research
  • Got into science through sport because she wanted to optimise her own health. She ran (safe) health experiments on herself.
  • Got into finance but then made a career change into science and studied Biotechnology.


Tara — thanks so much for your support of my book which is a great gift for girls who love science called She’s Building A Robot.

So this is definitely one of my most interesting videos yet. Just an amazing conversation with Vivienne Ming, author, inventor, and leader from Socos. I could have happily listened for hours to her stories, ideas, and philosophies.

Vivienne on Wikipedia, Twitter, Linkedin, and her talk on the rise of good…

Mick Liubinskas

Product Focus for tech companies in San Francisco.

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