1st day. Vox Populi

I will ask people what do they know about these parties, what reforms they did and are going to do in the future if one of them win the elections. As a final product of this activity I will create a video with their answers. The purpose of this video is to figure out what the citizens know or less know about these two popular parties on elections. For me it will be clear how to manage forward this project, knowing its strengths and weaknesses.

2nd day. Electoral Promises of the Parties

There will be some analytical infographics of both parties with successful reforms and failed reforms and why did they fail (causes); Differences between the parties (ideological side, the ways of the country development plans) through the Wenn diagram, which party had more national and international support etc.; I’ll create an interactive game about parties’ promises and the user will be able to play guessing/answering which promises belong to each party; Also, I’ll create an amazing video presentation of these parties, it will include funny moments, speeches of the politicians, old lies and fresh lies etc. The result that I am waiting for is to deliver to citizens more information about these political opponents and this form of their presentation I have chosen is funny and catchy for the public

3rd day. Interview

I am planning to take two interviews from the each party’s chairperson. The interview will be held live on skype and it will be broadcasting on facebook, instagram, youtube, odnoklassniki. Also every viewers will be able to vote online with like and dislike and at the end of broadcasting each politician will see his/her performance due to live voting. This form of interviewing is unusual for politicians and is preferable for online users. They will be able to watch at a natural politician at his office, home or just in a cafe.


- Number of views of all made products (vox populi, video, live interviews etc.)

- Number of likes/dislikes, shares, comments

- Age and gender

- Types of devices used (smartphones, tables, PC etc. )

- Time spent on site

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