Monthly curation of 5 podcast listen. Theme: Love. | Illustration: @liucid_

003_Selected Podcast Episodes for the the Work Weekday: Listens on love.

Monday: (*in a british accent*) “You got to do, what you got to do for love.”

Selected listen: ACT 3: Unbreak My Heart. (6min. | starts at 51:15) A humorous short listen.

Tuesday: Main takeaway, Nietzsche’s thoughts on love- “love is greed.” WHAT!? HOW!? WHY?! Find out in the listen below!

Wednesday: The story of an unlikely friendship. “like one of those unlikely animal friendships: a monkey and a pigeon.”

Article to the NY Times Modern Love article.

Thursday: Among the many takeaways_questions to ask early on a date: “Well how are you crazy?” paired with I’m crazy like this… Taking an in depth look on society’s views on love.

Friday: We all know the story of the frog prince, the princess, and the kiss- right? Well yeahhh… except in the older versions it’s really different. The older versions are super weird, funny, and a tad dark- and this episode dives right into that!

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