Annie Liu
Annie Liu
Jan 7, 2018 · 1 min read
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Monthly curation of 5 podcast listen. Theme: Identity. | Illustration: @liucid_

004_Selected Podcast Episodes for the the Work Weekday: Identity.

Monday: Selected listen: ACT 2: Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright. (11min. | starts at 31:09) A short listen on the power of a secret identity, a story about Navey Baker as a high school mascot.

Tuesday: Explore the inconsistency and consistency that may or may not exist (hint: may not) And what the marshmallow test by Walter Mischel was actually about. (hint: not delayed gratification and your future is not the marshmallow)

Wednesday: Regarding a private golf course, property tax, and an ancient greek philosophical thought experiment from Plutarch’s Ship of Theseus. Asking “is it the same ship if you replaced every single wooden part?"

Thursday: A story of a woman and her spouse’s gender transition. About endings and beginnings.

Friday: Among the highlights: locust and grasshoppers-same thing, dreams are like overnight therapy, and the answer to the question who is Lord Birthday?

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