Annie Liu
Annie Liu
Feb 19, 2018 · 2 min read
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Monthly curation of 5 podcast listen. Theme: Money. | Illustration: @liucid_

005_Selected Podcast Episodes for the the Work Weekday: Money.

Monday: Paula Pant is fill of wisdom. Her tagline: “You can afford anything, but not everything.” As always Afford Anything isn’t just a podcast on money rather it’s an approach on life. This listen was filled with insightful and useful knowledge from Paula herself!

Podcast notes on topics covered:

Tuesday: Everyone hates paying income taxes, so what happens when you don’t? Well, Larry Williams does just that for 3–4 years. This is an incredibly fascinating story!

Wednesday: The Curse of Cash.” Rogoff says big bills in circulation happen for two reasons: 1) profit motivated crime 2) tax evasion. His solution: “a less cash society.” Some countries are already headed towards that, and find out what Star Trek has to do with this.

Thursday: The Investor’s Podcast does a wonderful job at summarizing Tony Robbin’s book “Unshakable.” Chapter by chapter Stig and Roy adds insightful comments and summarize the book. (A play by play book for the novice investor building a portfolio) Key points: if you truly understand and know what’s happening, you are unshakable.

Summary and notes of the book

Friday: Lewis Howes breaks down the morning habits of the rich in an easy list. Among some of the highlights- how a rich mindset would respond.

This listen actually inspired me to purchase his booklet “Millionaire Morning” (more so as a way for me to give back to him, since his podcast has been an amazing free resource!)

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