Monthly curation of 5 podcast listen. Theme: Madness. | Illustration: @liucid_

006_Selected Podcast Episodes for the the Work Weekday: Madness.

Monday: Takes a while to get to the story as it’s super conversational- A story about a haunted squirrel cage jail, and Leonarda Cianciulli who made soap and teacakes out of…human bodies?!

Tuesday: In this podcast we explore the story of Vincent Li. A passenger on a Greyhound Bus who heard voices in his head. A bizarre story turned horrendous…

Wednesday: A two part series on Anne-Hamilton Byrne and her family cult. A cult that gained membership from respected professionals in order to kidnap children. Exploring the psychology and context of the story.

Thursday: A comprehensive podcast series exploring the context, psychology, and story of the Heaven’s Gate cult.

Friday: Selected listen: Prologue/ACT 1: (starts at 4:30) A story where the person’s mind doesn’t work for them. My Damn Mind.

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