Monthly curation of 5 podcast listen. Theme for #1: stickability, listens I still think about long after hearing it.

001_Selected Podcast Episodes for the Work Weekday:

Preface: I hate not knowing what to listen to when I get to work!

With songs, it’s easy-just stalk my friend’s playlist! ✔️ With podcast though… that’s a different story, because who curates podcast episodes?! Which had me thinking: how cute would it be if lovers shared a mixtape of podcast episodes…anyways totally digressing.

Point is, your question of what podcast to listen to has a solve, and that’s this!

What to expect: A monthly selection of 5 themed podcast episodes for the work week day. (Mon-Fri.) I’ll also be reaching out to feature some guest curators.

Monday: How does one become rejection proof?- the story of Jia Jiang- how he went looking for rejections and what he learned from it. At the end it might leave you wanting some rejections!

Tuesday: Belonging is essentially part of living. Brene Brown articulates this and what it truly means to belong. Packed with practical wisdom and beauty on navigating life.

Wednesday: A beautiful emotional love story, without context though this can be super creepy, as it involves a woman spying on her neighbors. Reminder that life is beautiful. (also I’m total aware the description for this is super weird but bottom line-it’s a really beautiful story in it’s context)

I had to excuse myself mid-listen to go to the restroom- I may have or may have not cried there…

Thursday: Regarding creative work, though I would say insightful for anyone- as it’s a way of thinking that’s presented. Very insightful, and full of wisdom.

I actually met and chatted with Lauren Hom once (prior, I didn’t know too much about her) but after that day, I literally fell in love with who she is, and what she was all about.

Friday: Regarding the creative life. An amazing metaphor came out of this episode from Glennon Doyle involving a pregnancy stick, crying, the bathroom floor, and choice. (This podcast episode actually encouraged me to do something gutsy!)

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