New Year, New Me, Knew Wisdom

Annie Liu
Annie Liu
Jan 9, 2017 · 4 min read
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Thoughts for the new year #2017 #thingswontchangeuntilwedo

I’ll begin with a Steve Job quote, roughly paraphrased:

“If these were my dying days, would I be super down to do what I’m going to do, because if I say boo, naw, nope, but why, yeahhhh…no (the various ways in which one can say no)- wayyyyyyy too many times then something has got to change.”

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This concept that a new year=a new me.

And isn’t that a major talking point of any new year, change. In truth though, change is constant- whether one makes a goal for change or not, change will and is occurring. Though to what degree, how, or even what changes, that my friend, is another discussion.

So yes, without a question 2017 will of course bring with it changes, but I’m not going to speculate the what. Instead I’d much rather highlight the nuggets of wisdom I’ve mined in 2016, that’ll serve as a compass.

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Chicken nuggets, I mean nuggets of wisdom. 2016 was a year in which I shamefully ate way too many nuggets. :(

1) Pack and Repack

In the words of Richard Leider, “pack” and “repack.”

In order to travel light, you must pack what you need, and leave what you don’t. Pack what you need to be the best you. This ties into being intentional, and the concept of simplicity.

As John Maeda states, “Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”

Be okay with subtracting, of letting go. Don’t hold onto something because you’ve had it for a long time or are too lazy or comfortable to do otherwise -if it doesn’t help you grow, let it go- especially if it is more detrimental then it is helpful. Then pack, packing involves aligning yourself with what it is you are truly seeking. Pack and repack.

2) Trust what you are attracted to, and it’ll take you to where you need to go.

Here’s a story I’ve heard that I’ll roughly paraphrase:

There was a man who had a really sick dog, when he brought the dog to the local vet, his vet said “sorry bro :( idk I’m not specialized in this, this is v rare.” With that the man thanked him, and left with unease as thoughts of his dying dog loomed. Fast forward, he notices a flyer to a conference that had absolutely nadda to do with his profession, but he just felt so compelled to attend anyways. He did #YOLO not thinking much about it. At the conference he networks with the other attendees and after some small talk and mentions of his dog, he finds out that the stranger he was speaking with is… a vet…. but not just any vet, the very vet that specialized in his dog’s v rare condition. WHOaOAAo! If he hadn’t had gone, his dog surely would have gone to doggy heaven, sooner rather than later.

That is to say, if you want more synchronicity (coincidences, miracles, magic, moments that make you exclaim what are the chances?!) then this is the GPS, follow it. Chances are you might be afraid, nervous, scared, find it strange, etc. but trust it.

Whatever you are truly drawn to, go with it- it may not be where you thought you’d end up, but it’ll be just want you needed. This however involves knowing yourself. You’ll learn and grow if you’re more curious then you are afraid. Remember that it’s never as scary as you’d imagine it to be, and coming from a place of fear is detrimental. Instead come from a place of love and care. Be you and know you, because that’s the point of big magic.

3) Right timing and good fit

If you are the most amazing person to grace the earth-so what? It doesn’t matter, because if you are not the right fit or if the timing is off then you will face rejection. In other words- not the best fit, not the best timing or even both equals rejection. But trust that the rejection is rightfully so, after all you’re not the only one who is seeking and it may just be a blessing in disguise as you end up with a better fit.

Relating to this, is what I’ve dubbed as Content vs. Form: seek content before form. Form is always just the icing on the cake. Form is what we see on the exterior, what is presented at face value, the surface level. Content however, goes deeper, it’s the interior. Seek the traits, the descriptions, the contents that’ll nurture your growth, your passion, and you. Don’t be a moth swayed by the lightbulb because sure, light is the form, and so very pretty but the content is artificial. That bulb isn’t what you are truly seeking!

4) Be Present. Be wholeheartedly here.

Last but not least, there are teachers and lessons to be found, any and everywhere. But are we awake, are we here in the now, and are we present to learn what 2017 will offer to teach us?

And just like I began, I’ll end with a quote, this time from Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now.”

“Nothing has happened in the past; it happened in the Now. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now.”

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