I am not sure of the difference between you listing “officially” XRL tokens and unofficial listing…
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one-tw0@ Rialto is only responsible for listing the tokens on exchanges as per the whitepaper. They have the responsibility to invest, trade and distribute as per the whitepaper and nothing else, the price for the token is completely up to market forces. The team did not have and have not ever promised the price of tokens will appreciate or to prop up the prices, tokens can appreciate or depreciate and you need to respect this.

Your suggestion to lock up XRL tokens is not realistic, if XRL is to get locked up just because of some complaints and/or depreciation in value then this would set a precedence in future trading. When, why and who is to determine the suspension in the future? You need to understand there are no regulators as yet in the token space, if you do not believe in the team maybe you shouldn't have gotten in at the beginning.

I do agree that some of the official responses may not have been worded the way it is suppose to and could have been structured better. The team should try to list as soon as practicable in August and if more resources are required perhaps they can tap the community for resources and I m sure there are people willing to assist as I think we all believe in this project.

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