Fantastic Roman Ruins near Sorrento

One of the places I wanted to visit for years were the “Bathes of the Queen”. I heard about these ruins and have seen them from the street, I thought so. As it happens in many locations, there are horrible legends about the place.

I think, they were created not to attract curious tourists, as it happens often, and to entertain the clients, neither to present the main character as a bad person. Today, when I live more than 20 years here, I’m sure that these stories were created by simple persons, residents of this region, to make the governor, a kind of representative of god on the earth, more similar to them.

It was not rare in the history of Kingdom of Naples (Sicily) that the residents protected their kings, queens because they loved them. This is what happend to Queen Joanna II when her last husband wanted to eliminate her.

Landscape from the road of Capo Sorrento

My friends from the trekking group wrote a post in Facebook that they visited this place a week ago. I still have ankle pains and do not trek with them but I make short easy walks to practise and to swimm one-two times a week. So I studied the map and decided to go their, too.

It was so natural after I visited (finally) Torre dello Ziro of Amalfi with it’s fantastic story about Joanna D’Aragona I’m so fashinated!

Way to the Roman Ruins of Capo Sorrento

Barman said me the famous “Bath” is not too far from the main road and it was really so. The path is well maintained and there are traces of relatively recent interventions all over the site: railings, steps etc. The only sad moment was constant traffic of all kinds of boats that created so much noise in this angle of paradise.

The photos I’ve seen when I studied where to go did not show the real situation. I could not imagine the feelings I had during my walk. I really love this nature and agree with the legend that Campania is a part of Paradise. Nature, climate, culture, history — and kitchen, too, I know.

Queen Joanna II was surely an unlucky person. She had a happy, carefree life as a princess. Who could imagine they will leave her alone in the wild life of XIV century! First the hard mother, Margheret, then the illuminated brother, Ladislaus — the sculptures of the Ladislaus’ sepulchre in Naples prove she needed to be too strong to reign her kindom…

When you ask somebody about Bath of the Queen they will tell you the story how Joanna passed time with her young lovers in this villa and threw them in the sea after that.

It’s highly improbably, I think. She needed a support of a man, yes. But she needed a hard hand as a support, not “young lovers” to drown.

I will show you now, where comes this legend from. When you go down to the sea, you can find a very little “bridge” over the natural gap between tow rocks.

The bridge was created be the Romans. You will see it when you’ll swim from the internal “pond” in the sea. The hole is almost perfect. Do you remember structures of the “Bath of Tiberius” (Grotta Azzurra, Capri)?

When I visit all such places, I have very special feelings, in the last period. Look at this: they had the same preferences, the same emotions, the same life… Even their clothes and shoes were similar to ours. Suddenly, you see that mosaic under your feet. You could see it in a museum before… They spent all that money and, maybe, years to build this villa. Archeologists say, it was built in 50–54 after Crist. And… there was that terrible earthquacke in 62…

The bay surprised me not with the quantity of “Queen and her lovers” copies but with the color of the water. Passing under the bridge, just before you go out in the sea, the sun created that brillant charming blue-green light

I wanted to turn home for dinner and passed only about half an hour in the “Bath”. The situation changed completly. Dozens of tourists arrived and waited their turn to lay their clothes. My god, I was blessed to come here some minutes earlier…

Some steps to go out — and I could enjoy the splendid view of Vesuvius. Hoope, will not learn what means his rage.

Vesuvius from Capo Sorrento

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