Microwave Usability Test


Usability is an index for user to determine whether this object is easy to work or not. Test an object becomes our project this week, and we focus effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction of a microwave, so we set three participants be our users to help us test this object. To finish this test, defrosting, heating and cleaning are our tasks for users to do because these three are main functions of microwave, also heating and defrosting are easy to finish, but cleaning is more difficult, this can represent the data more completed. Data types are step that how you use it, time that you spend doing tasks and rate you want to give to the convenience score of finishing tasks. These data types are used to get a thorough results for our results. In addition, every participant will heat and defrost in 2.5mins, this is the way to control variables. In the process of test, moderator, notetakers and users work together to get scientific consequence. Because of scientific research methods, the result is representative and dependable, we get this microwave gets high scores in some tasks from users, but it still has some weaknesses need to improve.

link: https://youtu.be/sJDtwXy-edY

So What? What questions did it raise?

Every time when we use objects, we have different opinions about usability of this in satisfaction, effectiveness and efficiency, and this is the answer of whether it is convenient or hard to use. To project, it provides ways that how to test the usability in a scientific way, use diversity tasks and record data types to get the result. It built a sense in our mind that every research should be reliable and scientific. To test itself, it included almost every single aspect that we will use to measure the microwave. However, the problem we encountered that how to make our research dependable. The research could be more trustworthy if there are more participants. Furthermore, provide more tasks and set some other data types can also become improvements to make our research better. This changes are small, but it does work.

Now What?

Usability test can get the results of rates of satisfaction, effectiveness and efficiency from users, these data can be suggestions for manufacturer to improve their products and let them make our world comfortable. Objects can be tested in this way, Apps in the phone that become popular around our life can also be improved by usability test. Nonetheless, enough participants and complete tasks with diversity data types could support the bigger project. After this project, we need to build a thorough plan with every detail and use effective technologies and skills to test the following products or Apps.

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