User Research — #372


User research for this week is to observe practices and describe design challenges of them. Bus is a crowded place with so many different people on it, and diverse events happened on it every day. What we do is to observe on the bus for at least 30 minutes, and I chose 372 for my commuting place, because 372 is the only way for me to go to campus. On the bus, I observed specifically and took jottings on the notebook to remind me what different people did on the bus during that time, and these events are practices. Then, I need to identify three practices from my jotting and describe them with more details to make these alive, this is to analyze their behaviors and find out the relation between location and them. At last, we described a design challenge of an interesting practice, for me I chose how might we design to remind people who use laptops on the bus what time they need to get off. In addition, we ought to discover some directions that may relate to the design. Everything we do is to make user research completely and find out the challenges and problems which may mess people up and cause some troubles, and discover some ways that can solve these problems.

So What? What did you like about this project, and why?

This project is about user research, and it combined observation and brainstorm together for us to watch, think and discover. I consider it is a practical way for us because we need to get close to the society and observe what normal people do every day. When we observed, it is a progress to remember the event happened during that time, when we thought, we try to find out the problems behind these practices and deal with them. This is an integrated research that improve the quality of our life.

Now What?

User research can be used in many areas like improvement of public traffic, library and some other commuting places, because it is an integrated research that include many aspects we need to use to analyze user experience, the practices we observe, the challenges we design and directions we discover help us find out what user needs. However, some projects cannot use this research like the design of buildings or the use of laboratory, because we can’t just get some problems just by observing, we need to communicate with users in these projects.

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