Matt Damon used to be my favorite actor

It started with Good Will Hunting — one of my favorite movies, and then the Bourne series. Matt Damon’s characters have been that kind of man I like — smart, witty, smart and witty.

Granted he did a few movies that were just out right bad — I thought it was for the family (he does have a lot of kids to raise) and sometimes you do things for the money. And plus, which actor didn’t have a bad movie or two.

Then came the “Jason Bourne” movie, a movie that I had been waiting for for years. A movie that had so much hype and such a good crew which I couldn’t see would fail. A movie that eventually failed me and made me respect Matt Damon less a professional. (Spoiler Alert! But really, how much can I spoil if this movie has nothing new compared to the old ones)

I added this photo hoping to get more reads.

There’s a saying in Chinese called “炒冷饭”. The straight translation is heat leftover rice. What it means is that you are dishing up the same old stuff. That is exactly how I felt about the latest Bourne movie — scattered pieces of memories that caused confusions, fight scenes (and this time not even creative fight scenes), someone in the CIA would want to help Bourne, and someone else in the CIA would want Bourne die. The one thing positive that I saw in the movie was the acting of the fake Sundar Pichai, his acting was better than all of the mega stars, at least there were complicated emotions on his face. Matt Damon for one, was either confused, angry or in pain.

But, I am not just disappointed at how unoriginal this movie was, the thing that bothered me most, was how little F the crew gave to the movie, and these 2 scenes in the movie showed:

  1. When Julia Stiles went to some hacker warehouse in Iceland and needed to retrieve confidential info from the CIA database. A person said to another person “use SQL to corrupt the database”. I am not a coder, but seriously?!!! It’s like saying can you use earth to poison a person. How hard is it to do some research on how programming really works before putting that line in the script. Or just say “Corrupt the database”, maybe that’s better.
  2. When Alicia Vikander needed to do something on her computer (I forgot what because I zoned out), and she typed into a command window “run predictive algorithm”. It felt like the script writer put “run predictive algorithm” as a #commentline in the draft and was going to expand or change the wording to something more realistic, but then everyone forgot and just went with this.

Granted, these are things that probably won’t be noticed by a lot of audience, but still, if you want to look smart and advanced in a movie, why don’t you spend 5 mins to validate the lines.

This leads to a video clip I watched recently, about how Jackie Chan makes action movies. I never really like Jackie Chan growing up because of his personal life — cheating, drug addict son, etc, etc. But this video clip gave me a new understanding of why his movies, especially the early ones made in Hong Kong are so successful. What he said towards the end of the clip doesn’t only apply to movie making, but every industry. I am not gonna spoil it for you because it’s quite original. Enjoy!

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