When someone says. You have a goal. You will keep moving forward. There is no obstacle to stop you!

So…. the premise is…. you must have a goal!

If there is no goal. How to move forward?

What are your goals and plans in life?

How to set these goals. What is the guide?

Need to believe first or execute first? Or blindly insist?.

For example: I see the future development first. Then I have confidence. Then I go to execute.

Or.. I have an idea first. After observing, evaluating and judging. Then I will implement it.

During this process…

Missing. Obstacles and challenges encountered in practical implementation.

How to persevere in difficulties and resolve difficulties.

How to strengthen your own belief and confidence in the process!

Or.. at the right moment. Choose to switch runways?

I think this is my biggest obstacle right now.

It is also a place that has never been broken through.

Remember when I was around 28.29 years old.

At that time. Helped with the family business at home.

One night. I went to buy barbecue. I like to chat with people.

I asked the boss from which area. Come here to do business.

He answered me with a very distant answer.

I was shocked then…

I answered him: Why do you drive by yourself. Don’t choose a place near your home.

To drive that far.

He replied to me: Because of age. Changing runways. Or changing places. I don’t have that courage.

I was very incomprehensible at the time.

My answer to the boss. I went back and thought about it for a long time.

until I’m older.

I understand.

I know why the boss would rather drive that far.

I don’t want to change lanes any more.

when we get older.

The lower the frustration.

Confidence is also lower.

Because we may have to take care of the family. Basic expenses have to be paid.

If you change a place.

May not be able to maintain regular income

Change is difficult.

Change is not easy.

That has to be full of confidence.

Don’t be overwhelmed by fear.


Hope in 2022

You can break through what you have never been able to break through.

Know where the next goal is.

even in the face of challenges.

You can also bravely break through.

If you want to make a lot of money.

It will also be achieved this year.

If there is someone you want to love.

This year will also be a dream come true.

put a daily prayer

every day when you wake up.

Meditate 10 times in your heart in front of the mirror.

Let the law of attraction.

It can really be realized in life.




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