Doing something fun:

As for this part, I decided to watch an old comedy which I heard from one of my friend. It is a comedy which made at 1950s(about sixty years ago), because it is real old, I had never planned to watch that and never expected to have some fun from this antique.

This episode of the tv show talked about: The hero, Ralph who doesn’t like dogs and cats, discovered the dog food which his wife, Alice, put on the table, then he tasted it by mistake. He found it was extremely delicious and had a great potential to put into food market and sell it as an appetizer. After discussing with his best friend Norton, he decided to take this yummy appetizer to his boss and let him try it so that he could raise some financing to invest the production of this appetizer. While the boss and his assistants were tasting the food, one of his assistant noticed that the smell of that food is similar to the stuff he always feeds his dog, that is, the dog food. Then boss started vomiting and rained down curses on his head. He rushed to his house and found that Alice kept a dog in their bedroom without his permission. Angry Ralph went to the adoption center and returned the little dog to them. While he was waiting for the front desk was checking in the dog’s name, he learned that dogs and cats can only be kept in a shelter for five days at most before they are euthanized. And then the funny thing is that Ralph changed his mind and took five puppies at one time back home before his wife tried to save her dog.

Actually, I found it was far more interesting and funny than I expected. Even though the actors’ speed of speaking in this tv show are extremely fast, and sometimes I could barely follow them.

The plots in this show are dramatic and funny, and I really like its ending, it created a contradiction in Ralph, between being disturbed by dogs and start feeling sympathetic and loving dogs.

Mind Map:

Mind Map:

Suggested themes

crime: as the most important thing to a city, in my opinion, this topic, crime can be developed and explored. Everyone wants to live in a safe place not a dangerous zone. This topic connects to the policy made by government and the education of civils, and it is a real in-depth theme. We all hate robbers, thefts and other crimes, because they are always threatening our health and wellbeing. In other words, if we have to describe the definition of the happiness in the respect of crime, then that word is safe or security.

eating habit: one of the most important things on health in everyone’s life is eating. Especially for our teenagers, we should pay more attention to what to eat, how to eat and when to eat. As for this topic, we can explore the nutrition in the food, the cuisine of food, right time to eat and so on. As for these sub themes, I have a lot to talk, like why we need to balance our diet, why this kind of cuisine is healthier than other one, and why eating late is easily to get fat. These stuffs are concerned by most poeple.

vainglory: as one of the most common diseases among teenagers, I think it could be a good topic to explore. It is a normal scene to see that some teenagers compare with each other on money and other stuff, for example, I just bought some famous brand shoes or clothes. They prefer the treasure on material rather than treasure in their brain or mind. It is great to explore the truth behind the vainglory: what drives those teenagers to act like that. Is it a problem on the education?

10 Silly ideas

  1. Capsule + Gun = Capsule gun: the bullets of this gun are different capsules which held different kinds of medicine, this gun is designed for those kids who hate taking pills, tablets from doctors.

2. Shower head + soap = soap shower head: shower head installed with a soap on the top. This thing is especially designed for people who are lazy to use soap to wash themselves during showers.

3. Pepper + pencil = spicy pencil: a pencil has some flavor condensed powder on its bottom, these powder are made by bitter melon, red pepper, Mexican pepper and black pepper and they have a very strong flavor that can prevent some kids who like biting pencils when they are doing homework. What’s more, this pencil can keep you awake when you are doing homework.

4. Dogs and cats+ coat = pet winter coat: a coat which can hold your dogs and cats perfectly in your family. This coat is especially designed for people live in Minnesota. First of all, this coat creates a brand new way to exercise yourself. And It can not only help you survive from snow storms in Minnesota, but it can also strengthen your relationship between you and your pets, carry them and travel all over Minnesota.

5. Scissors + gloves = quit-smoking hand gloves: a pair of hand gloves which can help you quit smoking in a short period. When you want to smoke and try to get one cigarette out from the box, the sharp blades between your fingers would cut them into slices! You can never pick up any cigarettes with that gloves.

6. Electric wires + rain coat = Electric collector rain coat: this is a rain coat which has electric wires inside, when it starts raining, you can put the two wires in your raincoat outside. It will collect the electric power from lighting, and charge the battery inside automatically. Once rain stops, the heater inside the rain coat will be activated and then dry up the water in your shirt, make you warm.

7. Umbrella + chair = wind power moving chair: a chair with umbrella on its side. Just take this awesome chair out when it starts windy. While it is dragged by wind, the battery inside will also be charged, so you don’t need to worry when wind stops.

8. Slide + comb = pet hair-combing slide: a long slide designed for those naughty pets which don’t like combing hairs. Just blindfold your dog’s eyes and put him on the top of the slide way, release your hand, then you can find a dog with neat hair waiting for you at the end of slide way.

9. Mask + water bottle = lip pomade mask: a mask with sponge in the center that covers your lips. And there is a small bottle holding lip pomade liquid inside to provide lip pomade onto the sponge in the mask. This mask will give you a 24-hour lip protector in some dry areas and winters.

10. Gopher head + light : gopher helmet: a helmet especially designed for students at university of minnesota. This helmet can onto only protect your head when you are riding bike, but this gopher head can also light up the way with his two big bright torch lights in eyes in the night.


Wednesday night:

watch a comedy: A dog’s life — -honeymooners


start creating heath&wellbeing mind map, using the tool post on the website

then write ten silly ideas

Friday night:

thinking about the ten silly ideas


general ideas for mind map


kept thinking about the mind map and refined those silly ideas, finished blog and posted it.

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