How this was spun as bullying is anyone’s guess

Abadir, a self styled enforcer for his team, wanted to give Kostylev a taste of his own medicine. However, unknown to Abadir, his encounter was being broadcast via Twitch TV and the exchange was viewed by thousands. In truth, it was a very tame and childish exchange, the kind of insults you would hear on playgrounds the world over. “Do you have any friends,” was one such savage question, followed by the barb, “Get a tan.”

How this was spun as bullying is anyone’s guess, but that was how the resultant Reddit mob took it, buy csgo skin resulting in a front page post calling for action. Initially this was a call for Cloud9 to sanction their player in some way, but as more and more people joined in the hysterical clamor for justice, eventually people felt the organisation should also be punished by contacting their sponsors. With one of Cloud9’s sponsors being Intel, who have increasingly spoken out against cyber-bullying and have partnered in a campaign called “hack harrassment,” people reasoned this was fair game.

A source from Cloud9 confirmed with Breitbart that three separate sponsors were contacted en masse with complaints about the player’s behaviour, with many of the messages saying they would boycott the sponsor’s products unless Abadir was removed from the team.

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