Assessment 2

The city

This technique aims to show the somethings from nothing to many whereas somethings from many to few for producing one minute film of city. This short movie is divided to three parts, which are night, mid-night and morning, which focus on the city’s car and building to explain the technique. Thought some experimentations and editing process to show the whole road situation that I back to home and going to libary.

This film was shot from Burwood to Town hall, and the content of the reference film is around the quantity of things. In order to show that, I prefer to shot the car and building in the motorway to the city. In addition, the technique of editing that I used is the Speed Dial principle with 14.6 seconds. I’m trying to use different techniques for the sake of editing the movies.


Jarmushch, Jim Down by law (1986) Opening sequence: pan shoot of the elevation of New Orleans. <> viewed, 2,04,2017.

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