Show and Tell Event 2/27

The Show & Tell event last week was a fun and interesting experience. I really enjoyed how relaxed and laid back the speakers were. Their humor and real world examples kept me engaged and willing to really listen. I think this was a great thing for us as a class to be present at because we were able to learn from their mistakes and their experiences to get a grasp on what running the social media of one’s own company means.

One of the topics that I found most interesting was the question about whether or not the speakers share their political or religious views on social media. The answers gave a lot of insight and there were things I had never thought of before. The other topic that I found most entertaining was when they were discussion negative things/ feedback they they have gotten from viewers. When parts of the discussion were getting a bit slow and dry the pizza dough story was able to draw me back in with the humor.

Overall I liked this event as a whole. I thought the location was great and the guest speakers that were chosen were great. I think it was important that they all did different things via social media because we could hear about all ends of social media from highly experienced and highly successful people.

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