Stuck in Traffic? Stop Stressin’, Enjoy It.

Today was one of those traffic days. Stuck in the cycle of red light after red light while I waited for the traffic to move. If I tried to go, I would end up in the middle of the intersection. So I stayed put.

The guy behind me did not like that, he honked at me, I watched him yell obscenities at me via my rear-view mirror. Where did he want me to go?

So it got me thinking what are some things you can do in the car to relieve stress in a situation like this instead of swearing at the person in front of you who is just as stuck as you are.

· Listen to a podcast. (My favorite right now is Upstanders.)

· Meditate.

· Play air guitar or dashboard drums to your favorite tune.

· Sing at the top of your lungs.

· Practice your acceptance speech. (We all have one award we’d like to win, right?)

· Think about something nice you can do for someone you love.

· Have a snack.

· Plan your next date night.

· Imagine you are on your favorite beach.

· Write a poem about how much traffic sucks.

· People watch.

Or, enjoy the peace and quiet. Maybe this is the universe giving you a little break just to sit back and relax.

Less of this.
More of this.