The evolution of the mobile, how far it could be in China

“China Connect” annual conference took in place in Paris this week, which coincidentally (or not) was almost the same period of the 43rd anniversary of the very first Martin Cooper’s real handheld portable cell phone.

Back in 1973, a brick phone weighed more than 1kg, measured 23 x 13 x 5cm, 30 minutes of communication time and took around 20 times’ more to recharge. It had no redial or number storage functions, you must key in the entire phone number every time you wanted to make a call… should I still go further?

43 years later, on “China Connect” annual conference, I saw the future of mobile, because China is re-inventing the mobile of tomorrow. Most of western people don’t realize how smart and innovative it could be. Unlike PC, mobile are packed with lots of tiny sensors that enable them to collect all kinds of data on who we are, what we are doing and who are around us, it’s much more accurate than you can imagine. We saw VR glasses, AI platform, machine learning, sensor data and iBeacon…

But what happens if we combine AI platform, sensor data and machine learning with virtual reality by adding iBeacon technology? Maybe our mobile will deliver a real 3D experience without the headsets?! Will we still need BI, marketing and analytics? Maybe they are no longer interrupt whatever we are doing but take the form of an active and maybe proactive engagement. We will consider our mobile as an extension of ourself as Laure de Carayon said in LSA.

I saw a brainy mobile world in the coming years, which will become more like a personal assistant which understands our preferences, habits, our likes and dislikes. VR, AI and machine learning have the strong potential to make footstep further, not only for e-tourism industry, but also allows us to explore experiences and know what’s happening, will happen all over the world without going out of doors.

Looking forward to the next conference @ChinaConnectEU, #ChinaConnect, rendez-vous 2017!

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