Platform Crypto-One-Stop-Solution’ (COSS) based in Singapore has announced the beta release of the service cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency platform solution brings together services that will specialize in wallets, exchange and merchant platform where fans can interact cryptocurrency and investors there by trading currencies and ideas of the future.

COSS project developed by an international team headquartered in Singapore under license C.O.S.S.PTE LTD and is guided by the company’s CEO Rune Evensen. COSS initiative was first presented by Rune to MIT courses Fintech committee in early 2016, and it was because of the support and confidence of the participants who gathered to build a large project.

After this meeting, the team COSS develop a strategy in detail, highlighting the plan to start the project in December 2016, to be followed immediately in Beta phase in early Q1 2017. This COSS has been dubbed as the ‘live projects’ by developers and are designed with the goal of creating ecosystems self that can continue to support more start-ups from time to time until the end of the internet itself.

Merchants who sell goods through a payment gateway or POS create revenue for the platform.
The COSS merchant platform operates at a cost of 0.75% of each transaction.
Costs are generated in the crypto used for the transaction. Costs generated in both cryptocurrencies are traded in a pair. In the case of FIAT pairs, only the amount paid in crypto will be distributed to the token holder.
50% of this revenue is shared with the owner of the DAO tokens.
COSS Token Swap (ICO)


COSS will run a DAO (Distributed-Autonomous-Organization) that shares the revenue with its holders. The DAO is sustained by the COSS token, a cryptocurrency built on top of the Ethereum platform that proves rights of the revenue share inside the COSS application. 50% of the revenue generated by the DAO is shared among the token owners.

The COSS DAO token is operated via an Ethereum smart-contract that controls the distribution and the allocation of the revenue stream, generated by the platform. The platform itselfs is operated by COSS Pte Ltd. registered in Singapore, and is therefore centralized. 50% of the revenue generated by the platform is paid to the COSS DAO token owners in the form of the transaction fee derived in the appropriate currency.

The mission of COSS is:

The main purpose of COSS is to meet the needs of its users is a complete and unlimited experience to access cryptographic services and products available in the same place. From the first moment the customer decides to use crypourrency, he is guided through the platform and features. Protected from unwanted negative experiences, users will constantly discover new possibilities to use the platform and interact with it.

Using this integrative approach to virtual currency services, the COSS platform aims to be the most preferred medium, which introduces COSS customers with crypto and how to use it. For this purpose, the COSS platform is equipped with tokens, wallets, exchanges, merchant platforms, payment gateways and feature lists that are closely linked to crypto usage.

COSS’s vision is:

Crypto-One-Stop-Solution development approach. In a massive crypto-top adoption path, we do not allow a restricting trust system to interfere with the development of the COSS platform.

We accept the changes developed by the rapidly growing technology, and welcome innovation at any and every level.

COSS Road Map:

This project seems very interesting and here we provide basic information. We have tried to bring you closer to this promising project, but to know all the information, to the level of detail, we recommend that you look at the official, very detailed whitepaper and announce a clear understanding of whether you are an expert or a novice in blockchain technology.

Team COSS:

COSS has international teams spread across the globe with a Singapore-based management board, and branches in New York and Bucharest (development team).

In addition to having core team members located at the above mentioned locations, we take great advantage of being decentralized and inclusive together with having team members spread across the world and contributing to COSS remotely.


During Fire Swap (pre-ICO) coins of 25,000,000 COSS will be released / sold. The minimum purchase on this offer is 50 COSS tokens worth 50 ETH (ETH to COSS exchange rate will be available before pre-ICO start) with a 25% bonus. This offer can expire anytime until 25,000,000 COSS tokens are sold. The COSS token holder will receive a weekly income from the COSS DAO purchase value of the transaction fee on the COSS platform governed by the Smart Contract System. Thus, the COSS token has an inherent value attached to it from the time of publication.

Crowdsale CROSS opens on August 8, 2017 — September 6, 2017.





Profile BTC:;u=891666

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